Doctorate regulations 2018

When form 1 is handed in after 1 September 2018, the defense will take place according regulations 2018.
When form 1 is handed in after 1 September 2017, the defense will take placeaccording to the regulations 2017.
When form 1 is handed in before 1 September 2017, the defense will take placeaccording to the regulations 2015.

The Doctorate Board has decided to amend the Regulations governing the conferral of doctor’s degrees, with effect from 1 September 2018. 

Beneath you see a summary of the changes:  

In the English version the terms supervisor, co-supervisor and theses are replaced by the terms promotor, copromotor and propostions.

The articles about the joint dissertation or technological design are skipped
(art. 4.3, art.16 and art. 25.2) making this construction no longer possible.
If a trajectory is running, contact the Office of Doctoral Presentations and Academic Ceremonies.

The chair is no member of the committee (previous no voting member)(art.6.1.c). To act as chair one must be a professor affiliated with TU/e (art. 6.2).
Until five years after their honorable discharge, professors affiliated with the university  can act as chair of  the Doctorate Committee. The Doctorate Board can decide to extend that period (art.9.1). In relation to the above art.10.3 and 10.4 are skipped.

The possibility to award the Ius Promovendi Is broadened  to doctorate-holding associate professors-2. More information about the procedure concerning the awarding of the Ius Promovendi to associate professors can be found in the Appointment procedures for full professors, associate professors and fellows.

There is a new article 6.2: If a person is affiliated both with TU/e and another university, the affiliation with TU/e determines whether that person is a voting member or has an advisory voice.

The article that at least half of the voting members of the Doctorate Committee must be affiliated with the university is skipped (art. 6.5)

Art. 10.1 is revised: The Doctorate Committee consists of three independent members who are not involved with the research in question. These independent members are nominated to the Doctorate Board by the dean, on the recommendation of the promotor. One or two of these independent members are not affiliated with TU/e.

In art.10.2 The term independent is further explained:
When asked to evaluate a dissertation or technological design, independent members must disclose any association that poses a conflict of interest in connection with the dissertation or technological design. Recent collaborators, defined as people who have coauthored a paper or were a principal investigator on a grant with the candidate within the past 48 months, must be excluded as independent members.
A conflict of interest includes a financial association or relationship that could influence the objectivity, integrity, or interpretation of an evaluation. Other examples of possible conflicts include past association as thesis advisor or thesis student, or a family relationship, such as a spouse, domestic partner, or parent–child relationship.

The possibility to write a dissertation or technological design in French or German (art.18) or to defend it in those languages (art. 25) is skipped.

In art. 28 the closing date for submitting proposals to the Cum Laude Committee is added.

Both the text of the Regulations and the dress code for the defense ceremony are formulated gender neutral.

You can find the new regulations governing the conferral of doctor’s degrees at