Form 1

Form 1 concerns the “Request for permission to take a doctor’s degree and proposal for Doctorate Committee”. This form must have been submitted not later than 5 months before the desired date of the defense ceremony with the Office of Doctoral Presentations and Academic Ceremonies. This is inclusive of all appendices (initialed by the dean), signatures of the doctoral candidate, signature of the supervisor(s) and signature of the dean. Only forms that have been fully completed and that contain a correct proposal for the Doctorate Committee can be submitted to the Doctorate Board.

After the dean has ascertained among other things that the Doctorate Committee has an adequate composition, he makes a positive recommendation by signing form 1. In the absence of the dean the vice-dean can sign form 1 on behalf of the dean (whether this is possible depends, of course, on agreements between the dean and the vice-dean). In that case please send a copy of the form and the appendices to the dean (the defense ceremony date, if any, must also be attuned with the dean i.c.w. chairmanship).

Form 1 and its appendices can be send by email to the Office of Doctoral Presentations and Academic Ceremonies,

Appendices to form 1 are:

  • In case of a Dutch diploma: show the original doctoral or Master’s diploma or a certified copy to the dean.
  • In case of a foreign or different diploma: include a copy of the letter “exemption from the program requirement”. Ask the supervisor about this letter. If the supervisor does not have this letter, immediately contact the examining board for the state of affairs.
  • 1 A-4 English description of the doctoral research, methods used and results deemed relevant.
  • Extensive CV and list of publications of the doctoral candidate (include the cv you would use for a job application)

If an external expert (not affiliated with a university) is proposed or a member who is employed by a university but who is not a professor or associate professor, an extra appendix must be submitted: a reasoned request from the supervisor, bearing the agreement of the dean, and the CV and the list of publications of the relevant proposed member of the Doctorate Committee. For the composition of the Doctorate Committee, the Regulations governing the conferral of doctor’s degrees can be consulted, inter alia Articles 6 thru 12.