Form 2

Form 2 is personal and will be sent to the supervisor along with the letter “admission to defense ceremony” (with reference to submission of form 1).

Form 2 is not a standard form and it is not available on-line as it contains personal information. Form 2 concerns “Approval of dissertation and admission to the defense ceremony”. This form with all appendices must first be signed by the supervisor(s) and then by the dean.

When the supervisor signs form 2 he/she states that he/she has decided to allow the doctoral candidate to defend the dissertation and has given permission for its reproduction. The supervisor is already in possession of the approval of the Doctorate Committee on the draft dissertation. Also has the supervisor agreed with the Doctorate Committee which amendments/corrections must be carried through etc.

The dean oversees that the motivation is enclosed and/or satisfactory and if duly convinced. When this is the case, the dean signs form 2. In the absence of the dean the vice-dean can sign form 2 on behalf of the dean, of course when the dean and vice-dean have agreed this with each other. Please be extra alert to this and of course in case of signing by the vice-dean, please send a copy of the signed form and the appendices to the dean. In any case the defense date must be attuned with the dean (so not the vice-dean) because of the chairmanship and/or deputy chairmanship.

Form 2 must subsequently be submitted to Bureau PenP not later than six weeks before the defense ceremony, including the motivation by the supervisor per independent committee member, signature of the supervisor(s) and signature of the dean and including the appendices. 

Appendices to form 2 are:

  • A short CV/biography; short in a narrative form or in a schedule.
    -- mandatory to the dissertation --
  • An English summary with the English title of the dissertation and the word 'Summary' above the text (mandatory to be thus included in the dissertation, see doctorate regulations, article 15).
    -- mandatory to the dissertation --
  • The title page (front and reverse of title page in conformity with the model of Bureau PenP). See for the model title page. The dissertation cannot be printed until the Rector has given his approval on the title page. The doctoral candidate will be notified a.s.a.p. via Bureau PandP.
    -- mandatory to the dissertation -- only use the model at the right of the site!
  • Declaration TU/e code of Scientific Conduct
    -- not mandatory to the dissertation, only as appendix to form 2 --

The appendices to form 2 must subsequently be added to the dissertation in the same status as approved by the Rector Magnificus. No changes are allowed.