Hora Finita

NEW: arrange your defence ceremony via Hora Finita

As of 29 June 2020, the university is using a new online registration and monitoring system for PhD projects: Hora Finita.

As a result, PhD candidates can arrange the final steps of their PhD project – approval of the committee and approval of the thesis – via Hora Finita.

Hora Finita will guide PhD candidates, promotors, deans and members of the Doctorate Committee in the procedures related to approval of the composition of the committee (‘form 1’) the review and approval of the thesis/technological  design (‘form 2’), the organization of the ceremony, publicity and the submission of the manuscript to the University Library. You can also use Hora Finita to arrange for Cum Laude.

Transitional phase and compliance with Doctorate Regulations

PhD candidates that are already working on form 1 or form 2 can simply go ahead as planned. There is no need to use Hora Finita. However, from 1 September 2020, all PhD candidates starting with form 1 need to use Hora Finita. The downloadable Pdf documents for form 1 and form 2 will be phased out: these forms have been integrated into Hora Finita. Thus, even though the Doctorate Regulations may still include the terms ‘form 1’ and ‘form 2’, you will be in full compliance with the Doctorate Regulations if you follow the steps in Hora Finita.

More information is available on the Hora Finita Intranetsite

You can find the Information Brochure which will provide you with a handle to understand the Regulations governing the conferral of doctor’s degrees here.