Information about double- and joint doctorates and joint supervision doctorates

An article concerning the joint supervision doctorate has been added as of September 2017 to the chapter in the regulations on double and joint doctorates. This is now the preferred option for collaboration. Double and joint doctorates are the exception.

In case of a double doctorate there are two doctoral degree certificates referring to each other. In case of a joint doctorate there is one certificate bearing two logos. In both cases, a cooperation agreement is signed prior to the first doctorate trajectory or as soon as possible after its start, but not later than one year after the doctorate trajectory has commenced. This is first submitted to the Doctorate Board for a decision. The Doctorate Board has recently given mandate to the Dean Graduate School to take these decisions. After a positive decision, the cooperation agreement between both universities involved will be signed by the Rectors of the two universities.

In principle four years is required for a doctorate at TU/e, and this applies to double and joint doctorates as well. In the case of both a double and a joint doctorate approximately half of the required time is spent at each of the two participating universities. The supervisor at the other university has to be a full professor. Only in special cases the Doctorate Board can deviate from these standards.

A joint supervision doctorate is initiated on the basis of an agreement between the university and one or more (Dutch or) foreign universities, which can be signed by the deans of the departments involved prior to the first doctorate trajectory or as soon as possible after its commencement, but not later than one year after the doctorate trajectory has started. This is a doctorate at TU/e or at one of the affiliated partner institutes which involves, in one or more stays, a total of 6 to 12 months spent at the partner institutes.

More information can be found in Chapter IX and the commentary on the Regulations governing the conferral of doctor’s degrees.

A Model-agreement for double or joint doctoral degrees is available. You are requested to use that in negotiations with other universities.

From 1 September 2021 the obligation is introduced for doctoral candidates who want to do a double or joint doctorate or a joint supervision doctorate to upload the agreement between TU/e and the other university concerned in Hora Finita as soon as it is signed. By introducing this rule these candidates are known in an early stage of their special trajectory.

The agreements have to be checked by the educational lawyer mr.drs. J.J.W.C. van Dinther:
The agreement has to be approved by your departmental dean before the approval by the Dean Graduate School and in exceptional cases the Doctorate Board.