Arranging hybrid defense ceremony

It is still possible to have your defense ceremony partially online.

This can be helpfull for committee members who can't attend on a certain date and time, but also for family, friends and other interested parties.

We work with two Teams Meeting links: one private one for committee members, and a public one for the other interested parties.

These Teams meeting requests will be arranged by the facilitators of the department, not by the Bureau of Doctoral Presentations.

Please see below for the names of the facilitator of your department:

  • EE: Roel Wijnands / Joost Visser:
  • AP: Paul Bezembinder
  • ID: Anne Jeuken / Rosalinde Kennis / Melanie Swallow
  • BME: Frieda van Ginkel
  • ME: Jan Hasker
  • IEIS: Oscar Moonen / Jelle Osinga
  • CE&C: Ellen de Rooij
  • BE: Silvie van Dam
  • M&CS: Anjolein Gouma