Meeting schedule of the Doctorate Board + info about summer stop

The doctorate board's meeting is every monday, once every two weeks (except for July and August).
The deadline to submit the committee via Hora Finita to have it discussed in a particular meeting is the Tuesday before the meeting, 12:00 hrs at the latest. 
On the deadline I have to have received the approval of the dean on the committee.
See below for all deadlines.

Meeting dates of the doctorate Board in 2023 

  • Monday 05 June
  • Monday 19 June
  • Monday 03 July

<summerstop, no meetings>

  • Monday 04 September
  • Monday 18 September
  • Monday 02 October
  • Monday 23 October

At the beginning of november no meeting

  • Monday 20 November
  • Monday 4 December
  • Monday 18 December