Reserve a reception location

Due to limited availability of the TU/e reception locations, the advice is to book the reception location directly after the defense room booking. A TU/e reception location can be applied for, changed or cancelled via section Zaalreserveringen

The Eurest reception form is valid in case of a reception in the  booked reception locations in the Auditorium by section Zaalreserveringen. The form can be handed in, directly at the caterer Eurest, about 1 month in advance.

When the reception is to be paid by yourself, the caterer will send you afterwards an invoice. When the reception is to be paid by the department, the costs will be booked on the department's budget number which you have provided the caterer on forehand, including the approval (of the supervisor). For further questions regarding the reception and the invoice, you can contact the caterer.

You can read more about this in the information brochure for doctoral candidates.