Occupational Health, Safety, Environment and Radiation Protection (OHSE&R)

TU/e is distinct from other work environments by the presence of students and the highly diverse and largely pioneering scientific research that is carried out.

Moreover, there is a 'floating' population comprising temporary and non-native speaker employees from different cultural backgrounds. Also, the organization is divided into more or less autonomous (management) entities such as departments, service units, institutes and spin-off companies that are accommodated in university or other on campus premises.

The nature of the attenuating risks is proportionate.    

To prevent these work-related risks leading to damage or injury, TU/e has an Occupational Health & Safety organization composed of central and decentralized units that implement the active TU/e policy on Occupational Health & Safety, Environment and Radiation Protection to which employees, students and visitors must adhere.

For third parties (visitors & contractors), advice and support with regard to working conditions, environment, safety and radiation protection are centrally regulated within TU / e.

If you want to know more about this, please contact the Department Occupational Health & Safety, Environment & Radiation Protection.

Contact information can be found via the "Department OHSE & Radiation Protection" link in the left-hand margin: