Information Management and Services

Information Management and Services (IMS) focuses on policy-making, innovation and management of ICT facilities. This includes providing the infrastructure and equipment, managing core applications and taking care of the renewal of the information supply. By means of optimal ICT facilities, this service supports research and education within the university.

NOTE: Since January 2023 IMS and DML have been combined into one service: Library & Information Services (LIS). This content will be altered soon upon this new name.

Remote Assistance

In order to be able to serve you as quickly as possible, IMS Services offers you the possibility to help you directly by ‘Remote Assistance’. It does not matter where you are, you only need a system with internet access. Call IMS ServiceCenter (+31402472000) and ask for remote assistance. The IMS employee will ask you to click on 1 of the links below and download and start the subsequent program.
Then our employee can (at your request) look at your screen and solve your problem immediately.

As soon as we start remote assistance, we would like to ask you to close all confidential documents and documents that are not needed for the assistance request. At the moment a restart of your system is necessary, we will ask you in advance to close any other documents that are still active / open. Only then will we restart.

Selfserviceportal (TOPdesk)

Do you want to ask a question or give feedback? Curious about the status of your reports or looking for a possible solution to your problem? Would you like to order something from our catalog of products and services? Then take a look at our Selfserviceportal.

Maintenance and interrupts

Does an IT service not work properly? Check in the Selfserviceportal whether if it’s a known fault or if it concerns a planned maintenance activity. If you need additional support, please contact IMS Services.


Access from outside the campus

Are you outside the TU/e campus or are you connected via a mobile network? Then you sometimes need a VPN connection to be able to use certain ICT services.

Contact details

LIS Services Service Center
Visitors address: Metaforum 1.552
Postal address: Postbus 513, 5600 MB  EINDHOVEN
Phone 040 - 247 2000