SEE | THINK | ACT | You are key

In the coming period, the campaign 'SEE THINK  ACT YOU ARE KEY' provides you with tips and instructions on how to handle information securely. You can find more information on the pages below.


The 'SEE THINK ACT YOU ARE KEY' is an awareness campaign to make staff and students more aware of (digital) information security and privacy. It aims to increase the understanding of cyber threats and to enable TU/e staff and students to go online more safely and reliably. It encourages TU/e staff and students to see information security and internet safety as a shared responsibility - both at work and at home. 

At the TU/e we are increasingly using new technologies and spending more and more time online. Our growing dependence on technology, combined with the increasing threat of cyber-attacks, calls for greater security in our online world. As such, there is a need for simple, easy-to-understand tools and tips to ensure your safety and that of the TU/e. The campaign provides access to tools to give TU/e staff and students the knowledge they need to make more informed decisions when they suspect misuse of their data and promote overall safe internet use.

The campaign covers multiple topics. In addition to privacy and information security, these include phishing, spam, ransomware, public Wi-Fi networks, and much more. The topics are continuously expanded and updated in the coming years. 


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