About LIS

Great place to work

An agile way of working is introduced to accomplish business partnering with more focus towards education and research.  A -new diversity of soft skills is needed. Furthermore, by providing opportunities to develop competences enables our people to deliver products that are fit for the future. This makes LIS a stimulating, inspiring and dynamic place to work.


With our awareness that digitalization is an important enabler for innovation in education and research, and the way we disseminate and provide scientific information, we provide the basis for a future proof organization.  

Data management

Our goal for data management is to ensure compliance and improve operations by promoting data-driven work practices and proper data handling. Our services include support, guidance, training and education in data governance, quality, security, privacy, and analytics. Data is essential for research, operations, and day-to-day work at TU/e, and it is crucial that it is managed effectively.


We understand that privacy is of the utmost importance and strive to provide a secure environment for all members of TU/e. LIS is dedicated to protecting the personal data of all members of the university community. Our team of privacy officers work to ensure that all personal data is safe and well-protected, whether it belongs to a student, employee, teacher or researcher.

Information security

As TU/e continues to increase its digitalization, it becomes even more important to maintain a secure environment for studying and working. We understand the importance of keeping our digital environment secure and have a dedicated team, working to achieve this goal. 

Library and Open Science

Our library offers a wealth of knowledge, literature, publications, and support to all members of TU/e. Researchers and PhDs can receive specialized support with Open Access publishing, funding requirements, and access to literature. The  expertise in these areas helps researchers to meet their goals and succeed in their work.