ICT Security

Information security makes sure the information provision of the TU/e is available, incorruptable and confidential at all times. It covers all information in all TU/e's activities: education, research and operations. Here (intranet page only accessible for employees and students) you will find tips and pointers on how to handle information securely.

Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT)

The core task of the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) is the detection and correction of incidents, more specifically the signaling and handling of information security incidents on the basis of predetermined categories and prioritization. If criteria are satisfied, the CERT alerts the local or central TU/e emergency team. Incidents that cannot be handled within the scenarios and frameworks are escalated to the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).

More information
Check out RFC-2350 for more information about CERT on TU/e.

Duty to report data leaks

There is a data leak when there is a breach of the security of personal data which leads to any unauthorized processing of the data.

This may be a theft of a laptop, a USB stick that has been left on the train or an email that has been sent to the wrong person.

Data leaks must be reported to the supervisor within 72 hours after their discovery and in some cases the data subject(s) must also be informed.

A data leak may arise both within and outside TU/e. Anyone who notices a (possible) data leak or suspects that they themselves are part of a data leak must contact the hotline for data leaks of personal data TU/e via Selfserviceportal.

A report of a (possible) data leak must be made as soon as possible. A register will be kept of every data leak and its handling.