The most sustainable building of education

Atlas, an icon of a sustainable university

The renovation of the Atlas building, whereby sustainability and comfort are key, reflects the projection of sustainability pictured by TU/e in its operation, education and research. A healthy and comfortable working environment for the users, the prevention of energy wastage and the reuse of materials are at the heart of this.

Sustainable and future proof
Once renovation has been completed November, 2018, Atlas will be transformed into an attractive, sustainable and future proof building optimally acclimatized for study, work and living. The building that dates from 1963 will be connected to the geothermal energy installation, have a highly insular glass facade with a unique system of windows and use Smart Energy Saving Lighting.

Living lab
The modernized Atlas building will also become a living lab for the Intelligent Lighting Institute (ILI) to research and test intelligent lighting (SAD-free environment). Intelligent solutions mean that Atlas is the first renovated education building in the Netherlands to gain the highest BREAAM score of Outstanding, a design certificate that is the highest sustainability accolade given by the quality mark to new developments and large-scale renovations. On 27 September, 2016, the Dutch Green Building Council (DGBC) presented the certificate to the TU/e executive board. The main building thus becomes one of the country‚Äôs three most sustainable buildings.

The European Union has given subsidy to make the Atlas building the most sustainable education building in the world. The building has to serve as an example in the field of sustainable renovation.
Atlas will be possible thanks to a contribution of these parties.

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