Graduate School

The education after the Bachelor’s degree program within TU/e has been shaped in the TU/e Graduate School. The Graduate School comprises 15 graduate programs, all of which are focused on one specific research domain. A graduate program has one or more Master’s degree programs, after which there are possibilities within the same domain to follow a technical design engineer’s program or a doctorate path.

Within each Master’s degree program of Eindhoven University of Technology you can introduce sustainability elements. You can do so by following environmental and energy subjects and by carrying out your graduate project in that area. Another option you have is to specialize and follow a complete Master’s program focused on sustainability, for instance Sustainable Energy Technology or Science and Technology of Nuclear Fusion.

Also check out the website of Technology for Global Develoment (TGD) for an overview of sustainability elements you can add to your master's degree.

TU/e offers two-year (post-Master) Design Engineer’s programs resulting in a Professional Doctorate in Engineering (PDEng degree). These programs come under the flag of the 3TU.School for Technological Design, Stan Ackermans Institute. 

Within most PDEng programs attention is devoted to sustainability. For the PDEng program Smart Energy Buildings and Cities sustainability is the point of departure. It focuses on Smart Energy systems for the built environment. 

Also check out the website of TGD for possibilities.