GO Green Office

The GO Green Office is the central point for sustainability at TU/e for all students. As a TU/e organization driven by students, we continuously interact with and inform the Green student community by hosting events, supporting student initiatives, and exhibiting TU/e sustainability projects in the Green Room. We actively represent students on topics regarding sustainability within the decision-making processes of our university and do so by enabling the sharing of knowledge and student-input on this topic as much as possible.

Feel free to walk into the Green Room (Atlas 0.705) to check out the latest exhibitions, ask questions or bring up green ideas!

TU/e 100% Future Friendly

Sustainability is an important theme for TU/e. Although the university pays a lot of attention to this, the initiatives are not clearly visible. Our maxim "practice what you teach" also applies to our efforts in the field of sustainability. We have already done and achieved a great deal and we should also show that.

In the campaign 100% Future Friendly we connect the initiatives we take in our research, education and business operations. We show how and where we strive 100% for a more sustainable world.

You will find further new initiatives below.

Do you have an idea how TU/e can commit itself to a more sustainable world?


One of the projects by the Go Green Office currently running is the SUstainability MAnager Project (SUMAP). This projects helps to integrate more sustainable choices within student associations, by functioning as a knowledge platform where good practices are shared with each other. This initiative was created because associations signaled they wanted to incorporate sustainability, but had no clear idea on where to start. Within the associations, a sustainability manager is appointed to encourage more sustainable activities and behavior. The Sustainability Managers and GO? Green Office come together around six times a year to share activities and inspiration.

Another project set up by the Go Green Office are the TU/e festival cups. This initiative aims to reduce the waste of disposable plastic cups from festivals by introducing reusable TU/e Festival Cups, and it’s implementation is a large success! On average around 40 large scale festivals are organized by TU/e. Go Green Office has a large stock of cups at hand and they are often used by the large scale festivals instead of disposable cups. Interested in using TU/e festival Cups? Make sure to email to gogreenoffice@tue.nl!