Circular and restorative resources

About the theme

Raw materials are not a matter of course in the future. That is why we aim at healthy materials and raw materials which we can reuse endlessly within a circular process and which have a small CO2 footprint in the various stages of their lifecycle.

Strategic goals for 2030

With every product we want to use and purchase we consider whether this is really necessary. We consider the whole chain when purchasing new goods. All products and materials we use are free from substances that harm people or the environment. They are produced without any harmful emissions, have a small CO2 footprint and take into account the impact on the environment (plants, animals and people) and we know exactly what they are made of and what happens to them when they are no longer used. The products we use help to reverse damage done to our environment and fit into a circular process. We use our knowledge, insights and qualities to accelerate the transition towards a sustainable society. Sustainable economic trade-offs are part of our procurement strategy.