In a circular economy, we do not throw away used products. This disposable culture has an enormous impact on the earth. On the contrary, the circular model assumes that today's products are the raw materials for later: after use, products can be disassembled and the materials reused. The TU/e has taken various initiatives to bring products, materials, etc. back into society.

Furniture to Area 51

Furniture that was left behind after employees and students moved to the Atlas building in January 2019, was donated to the non-profit organization Area 51 in Eindhoven. Area 51 at Strijp-S is the largest indoor park for skaters, skateboarders, BMX-ers, MTB-ers, stuntsteppers and WCMX-ers. With a circular thought chairs, tables and seats have been donated, which have been given a new life in the indoor park.


The student sports centre of the TU/e has donated a number of fitness equipment to department de Vinder of de Zorgboog care institution. Especially the residents of the day care center can make use of this equipment during their weekly fitness activity but also during a practice moment with physiotherapy.

Mirjam van Rooij, partner of one of the residents of the department, has made an effort to bring both parties in contact with each other. On Monday, August 10, 2020 all residents of the department in question thanked Wim Koch as representative of the TU/e. The residents took care of their own baked apple pie and homemade gifts to make the party complete.