About Research

All departments at TU/e conduct research that contributes to the transition to a more sustainable society in various research groups and programs. The TU/e follows the sustainable Development Goals closely, our most common SDGs in research are ‘Energy’, ‘Industry & Innovation’, ‘Sustainable Cities’, ‘Responsible Consumption and production’ and ‘Climate action’. If you wish to find an overview of the faculties, research groups and departments at TU/e, please click on the button below ‘Research groups overview.ppsx’. There’s also an overview of SDGs and in connection to TU/e’s academic landscape, which can be found on the following page.

Research at TU/e does not only take place in several TU/e-related institutes. See the sliders below. Indeed, TU/e uses its campus as a living lab for conducting research into green solutions. In 2013 two living lab themes were designated: a Living Lab Light and a Living Lab Smart Mobility.