Research vision

Sustainability enjoys an important position in the research conducted at TU/e. There are three specific areas on which TU/e focuses its attention: Energy, Smart Mobility and Health. As an experimental garden for sustainable innovation, TU/e uses its campus for research (‘Living Labs’) in the area of sustainability.

About Research

All departments at TU/e conduct research that contributes to the transition to a more sustainable society in various research groups and programs. The TU/e follow the sustainable Development Goals closely, thereby especially considering ‘Good Health and Wellbeing’, ‘Affordable and Clean Energy’, ‘Industry, Innovation and infrastructure’, ‘Sustainable Cities and Communities, Responsible Consumption and Production’, ‘Climate Action’, and ‘Partnerships for the goals’. If you wish to find an overview of all research groups involved in sustainability and the sustainable development goals, please have a look at the link below. In addition, there is multidisciplinary research taking place which comes under the strategic areas Energy, Smart Mobility, Smart cities and Engineering Health.

Research at TU/e does not only take place in several TU/e-related institutes. See the sliders below. Indeed, TU/e uses its campus as a living lab for conducting research into green solutions. In 2013 two living lab themes were designated: a Living Lab Light and a Living Lab Smart Mobility.