Fairtrade University

TU/e is a Fairtrade University

As of 3 November, 2016, TU/e may call itself a fair-trade university. Apart from carrying out the fair-trade thought, buying fait products and conducting durable management, TU/e is also researching possibilities on technological level, such as Fairphone.TU/e’s GO Green Office is the driving force behind the fair-trade campus. The main point of fair-trade is trading in a fair way, taking in account a proper work environment, fair payment and justness in international trade.

Last Spring, the kickoff of the Fairtrade University campaign took place. The films "True Cost" (about the fashion industry) and "Blood in the Mobile" on the mobile phone industry have been broadcasted. Lectures from, for example Maurits Groen were given, and fair-trade meals on the campus have been offered. All this in cooperation with several partners such as Studium Generale, Technology for Global Development, caterers Eurest and Healthfoodness, and foundation Switch/ContourdeTwern, who has monitored this project very closely.

TU/e has made a major commitment to sustainability. Recently, the university received both the BREEAM Outstanding design and delivery certificate for the main building Atlas. With Atlas, the TU/e has the most sustainable education building in the world according to the BREEAM certification. Social sustainability is reflected in the greater use of fair trade products and the most sustainable management possible.

The fair trade criteria were the prelude to an ambitious fair trade policy. Social sustainability plays a role in this and technology is not forgotten. The TU/e goes for the Fairtrade+. As a technical university, we find it interesting to see where the technical possibilities lie. This resulted in the setting up of a trial with Fairphone, a smartphone of Dutch origin that is produced in the fairest possible way.

Fairphone is a Dutch social enterprise and a pioneer in the field of fair electronics. By producing its own smartphone, the company successfully has a positive impact on the entire supply chain, including mining, design, manufacturing and life cycle. The Fairphone 2 has dual sim and a modular design, making it easy to repair and longer lasting.