Links to Development Related Websites and Organisations

Links to other interesting Development Related Organisations:

 •   Werkgroep ontwikkelingstechnieken Twente  the Technology for Development Organisation at University of Twente, famous for it T-week technology training for development workers!

•   CICAT Delft the Organisation at TU Delft coordinating and supporting international project for TU Delft.

•   Stichting Otherwise at University Wageningen organising events and supporting staff in education on development studies.

•  Society for International Development the Dutch Chapter organising interesting lectures and debates, this NGO has organisations in 80 countries worldwide.

•   Stichting Vredescentrum Eindhoven the Peace Centre in Eindhoven organising events.

•  INES International Network for Engineers and Scientists for Global Responsibility

•  Ingenieurs zonder grenzen the Dutch department of Engineers without Borders, an international network organisation for technology and development, in the Netherlands part of KiVi Niria the Dutch Engineering Society.

 •  Young Energy Specialists (YES)  a network organisation for young energy experts.

 •  Enviu a company and foundation aiming to create a positive social and environmental impact, famous for the energy generating dance floor and the hybrid tuk-tuk contest and many other projects.

 •  OIKOS a foundation working in the Dutch society aiming at a more just and sustainable development world wide, with Oikos we organised the I4D (Innovation for Development) symposia.

 •  Development Policy Review Network an international network stimulating debate on development policies.

 •  NCDO (Centre for Mondial Citizenship) provides knowledge and advice on mondial citizenship and development cooperation, through events, competitions etc.

 Looking for interesting development related courses or lectures in the Netherlands?

 •  Certificate Technology, Development and Globalisation at TU/e

•  International Development Studies- University of Amsterdam

•  Development Studies at Erasmus University Rotterdam

•  Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies Rotterdam

•  International Institute of Social Studies in the Hague and Rotterdam

•  UNU-INTECH United Nations Institute for New Technologies (UNU MERIT) in Maastricht

•  Unesco IHE Institute for Water Education In Delft

•  Technology in Sustainable Development at TU Delft

•  Centre for International Development Issues Nijmegen

•  Master Development Studies at Utrecht University

•  Twente University Centre for Technology and Sustainable Development

•  Centre for Development Studies at Groningen University

•  Development Research Institute at Tilburg University

•  International Institute for Asian Studies, a postdoctoral study centre in Leiden and Amsterdam

•  The Leiden University African Studies Centre

 Some Online Development Magazines

•  Oneworld

•  Vice Versa

•  Development bookshop 

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