Our good intentions

Collaboration is in our university's genes. On our campus and beyond. And for just as long, we've known that collaboration truly accelerates innovation. Because as individual entities, we are strong. But together, we are unbeatable. Read our vision for collaboration and find out how it will benefit you too.

Alumni are role models for students

TU/e alumni fan out to all parts of the world and to many types of companies and organizations. They specialize and thus continue to learn. The knowledge they thereby gain is of great value to our students and to the entire TU/e. This is regularly demonstrated at events where our alumni share their experiences and insights with students and teachers. Meetings like these not only provide valuable information, but are also a source of inspiration.

“The knowledge they thereby gain is of great value to our students and to the entire TU/e”

Progress is our driving force

On our side, of course, development does not stand still either. Thanks to its many research projects, TU/e regularly shines new light on important fields of study. And the results find their way into publications and presentations, among other things.

Unbeatable together

If we as TU/e and alumni strengthen our mutual bond, if we seek each other out, exchange information and learnings and work together, we strengthen each other. Then we can provide even faster and better substantiated answers to the important questions of today and tomorrow. Because as individuals and as educational institutions, we are strong. But together we are unbeatable.

For Life. For The World. For The Better

This is the motto of the Office of Alumni Relations and our University Fund. We strive for significant advances in health, the state of our world and developing talent. From the fund, we do that by linking our donors' contributions to projects that, often from basic research, have the potential to provide those answers.

From the Alumni Relations Office, we do that by strengthening the mutual relationship. By organizing events at which contact and collaborations between like-minded people are established. By providing a platform for alumni to find and help each other, with information, answers and even jobs. And by providing you with information and knowledge that inspires.

Energy Transition

In the coming months, for example, we will take you through all the research and projects that will or can make a fundamental contribution to the much-needed energy transition. We will show you that systems thinking is the solution and that we promote it, including through our energy institute EIRES.

Keep on in view on LinkedIn and Facebook. Get inspired by the stories and innovations. But most of all, be heard. Give input and feedback. Join the discussion and become part of the solution.

Because together we are unbeatable.

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