“As a coach, I can easily access In touch via TU/e helping graduates on their way. ”

Lex Daan, TU/e alumnus since 1974, is pleased to share his year-long professional experience with TU/e graduates:

“TU/e In touch is a great resource to connect young graduates to experienced engineers, such as myself. And to me as a coach, it also offers a clear overview of ongoing projects and the persons involved.

A long career at AkzoNobel in the field of product development and engineering enables me to share this useful experience with TU/e graduates. For instance, I’ve recently been involved with a sustainable initiative to retract precious metals from used mobile phones.

From very first research to fully worked out business plan

I like helping graduates throughout the whole process, all the way from very first research to fully worked out business plan. And TU/e In touch allows us to arrange all this in a very efficient way.”