“TU/e In Touch is an ideal platform to bring alumni together.”

Thanks to TU/e In touch Martijn van Aspert, TU/e alumnus since 2013, makes optimal use of the TU/e database, which allows him to communicate much more efficiently:

“For me, as president of the alumni association, TU/e In touch is THE place to get in touch and stay in touch with our alumni. For instance by offering activities and taking part of discussions.

Now we can share relevant news much more directly.

Of course the alumni association also has its own website, but a huge advantage of TU/e In touch is the fact that it’s linked to the TU/e database. This allows us to share relevant news with other TU/e alumni in a much more direct manner. And this is also very useful for catching up in a more informal way, which is also of great value to me.

In the future, when I will have more time and more professional experience, I’d also like to coach graduates. And also for this purpose, TU/e In touch is the ideal platform to get in touch with students