“With TU/e In touch I can very specifically find classmates, even people I only know by face.”

Bernadette Deitmers, TU/e alumna since 1989, believes TU/e In touch is a perfect platform to further expand her professional network:

“I really believe in the potential of networking, this was already the case when I still studied at the TU Eindhoven. For instance, I was a member of a student sports club called the Studs, and co-founder of female student association l’Attaque Attique.

Together you know more.

Of course the social aspect of networking is fun, but it’s also very useful in a professional way. I believe in synergy, together you know more. You can learn from each other, inspire each other, how cool is that? And if you went to the same university, this means you’re connected for life. With TU/e I touch I can directly find fellow students, which might even be people whose names I’ve forgotten.

Basically, TU/e In touch is a network that really suits me. I think I’ll only use it more and more!”