TU/e Technificent Student Advisors

Your career starts during your study!

As a student advisor we can help you with:

  1. Self-assessment (who am I, what am I good at, what do I want?),
  2. Job market orientation (networking, LinkedIn),
  3. Presenting yourself (CV, cover letter, personal pitch, personal branding, job interview, contract negotiations) . 

We gladly support you in choosing your career profile. Do you want to become a designer, teacher, entrepreneur, researcher or an engineer in industry? We can assist you in finding out what suits you best.

We offer: 

  • Career workshops
  • Individual (face to face) or online coaching meetings
  • Tips and advice on CV, cover letter and your LinkedIn profile
  • Contact with employers that match with your profile 

An appointment for an individual coachings meeting can be made by sending an email to technificent@tue.nl or by making an appointment at Luna de Plint, 1.140.