Grace van den Boogaart

Student advisor – expertise: active job matching between vacancies and graduating students

Grace believes that working for TU/e Technificent means creating and developing relationships with companies, with the aim of helping students to orientate themselves with the labor market. TU/e Technificent helps students gain insight into which skills are needed in different organizations and functions. TU/e Technificent we also help students to identify which organizations best fit their professional ambitions and career goals. Grace introduces students to the partners of TU/e and help them prepare for their job interviews. She also organizes corporate events in and outside the TU/e to help students get acquainted with business life in an informal way.

During her education in Communication Management, Grace came into contact with career counseling and coaching professionals in the field. Since completing her education, she has worked as a consultant at a technical staffing agency for several years. The combination of her work experience and education are an ideal combination of skills and understanding of the technical labor market to guide students well. Through her intensive business contacts, Grace is aware of the skills companies would like to see in a future employee. It gives Grace energy when she can help students by providing them with a good start in the labor market.  Grace also works for EuFlex at the TU/e and helps students find part-time jobs.