TU/e wants to become the most vital campus in the world

Vitality Themes

Physical Activity

Within this group our goal is to create accessible ways to stimulate physical activity via a variety of activities in order to improve vitality. Physical activity plays an important role in keeping your body healthy and improving quality of life. Staying active helps to manage stress and tension and enhances community feelings by spending time with fellow students and co-workers. These core values take shape in our initiatives: TU/e Walking Day, Fit Breaks, Hajraa Volleyball Course and TU/e Running Team.

Mental Health

Our university cares about your wellbeing. That is why the university's many services and organizations are contributing to programs strengthening your mental vitality. TU/e offers all kinds of support, from urgent support when needed, preventive support via trainings to personal guidance and personal development. For an optimal use of all these services, we aim to improve the access to all topics related to mental health at the university. We try to make the existing services accessible for everybody and try to further improve these services by signaling the needs within the community.


Food and drinks play an important role in our daily life. How can we use nutrition to enhance our vitality at TU/e? Within the Nutrition Group we aim to create awareness for a healthy diet and easy availability of healthy food products that improve the vitality of our students and staff members. We collaborate with the food suppliers and caterers at our university to offer plenty of healthy, affordable and sustainable choices on our campus. Besides that, we initiate and support various initiatives such as Meatless Monday, the Fragoletta Café and healthy food offers during the exam weeks.

Technology & Vitality

The TU/e has a university wide program called ‘Human Vitality and Technology’ in which researchers from several departments are involved to perform in multi-disciplinary projects. The role of personalized and context-aware technologies is analyzed to better understand relations between people’s health and their behavioral patterns in daily life. Within the Vitality and Technology Group we aim to create a living lab for research projects at our own campus. We would like to support individual researchers by the development of guidelines around communication, data and ethics.

Physical Environment

Within the Physical Environment Group, focus is on three core directions: recreational activity, the Workwalk and work-related activity. The aim is to create a physical environment in which these three forms of physical activity are stimulated and facilitated. Within these three directions, not only physical activity plays an important role, but we also focus on creating awareness concerning the benefits of being outside. We do this by offering a variety of initiatives focusing on going outside during your work day on campus.

Vital Campus project

Increasing people's vitality is considered as a very important goal to achieve a high quality of life. However, individual choices and lifestyles do not always support this goal. Physical activity, mental health, the environment and nutrition are considered important elements to achieve healthy lifestyles and increase vitality. TU/e defined a research roadmap ‘Human Vitality and Technology’ in March 2017.  

Higher education plays a central role in all aspects of the development of individuals, communities, societies and cultures. The vitality core team aims to roll out activities that promote vitality and to incorporate health promotion values and principles into the mission, vision and strategic plans of TU/e.  

A menu for a vital campus

Organizing vital activities for students and employees stimulates better physical and mental health. This overview gives activities in four different themes; Mental health, physical health, nutrition and physical environment. Useful, affordable and easy to organize!


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