Technology & Vitality

Increasing people's vitality is considered a very important goal to achieve a high quality of life and prevent chronic diseases. TU/e has a university wide program ‘Human Vitality and Technology’ in which researchers from several departments are involved in multi-disciplinary projects. The role of personalized and context-aware technologies is analyzed to better understand relations between people’s health and their behavioral patterns in daily life.

Within the Technology and Vitality group we aim to create a living lab for research projects at our own campus. We would like to support individual researchers by the development of guidelines around communication, data and ethics. For example ways to present their project, recruit participants and approaches to take care of data management that are GDPR compliant.

Past initiatives include GameBus, DM Coach and Tweak. For more information about the Research Roadmap 'Human Vitality and Technology' visit the website
Interested in using TU/e as a living lab? Contact Marieke van Beurden, Program Director Human Vitality & Technology