For strong ties between TU/e and the industry

1. Co-publications with industy

Our worldwide top position in co-publications with industry is acknowledged in many rankings:

CWTS Leiden ranking

TU/e is ranked no. 2 worldwide (Collaboration, PP Industry, 5000 min. publication output).

World University Research Ranking

TU/e is ranked no. 3 worldwide collaborativeness rank 


TU/e belongs to the worldwide top-25 in co-publications with industrial partners

(Photo: Maarten Steinbuch, university professor and figure head Eindhoven Engine)

2. Professors at TU/e with a joint assignment in industry

One out of three TU/e professors (paid and unpaid), has a non-academic secondary employment in 2020.

Source: Annual report TU/e, 2020


(Photo:Vadim Banine, professor at TU/e and director at ASML)

3. Income revenue industry

The category Industry Income suggests the extent to which businesses are willing to pay for research and a university’s ability to attract funding in the commercial marketplace – useful indicators of institutional quality.

The Times Higher 2021 ranks TU/e on a 2nd position worldwide on the indicator Industry Income (score 99,8 out of 100):



4. TU/e engineers in Brainport

In 2018, SEO published 'Labour market position TU/e alumni'. 80% of engineers with their first job in Brainport region, was educated at TU/e. One third of graduated TU/e engineers start their career in Brainport.

The stayrate of our international students is the highest from all Dutch universities (source: Nuffic)

5. Second and third funding flow

First funding flow is funding direct from Dutch government, second funding flow is funding from research councils and third funding flow is defined as contract research funding from different sources (private and public). 

Nearly a quarter (22%) of TU/e's revenue is 3rd funding flow. This is the highest of all Dutch universities (see report Rathenau, Dutch only). 

Our facts:

Year 2nd funding 3rd funding
2016  € 26.063.000  € 60.423.000
2017  € 37.705.000  € 67.927.000
2018  € 35.985.000  € 73.177.000
2019  € 28.539.000  € 77.266.000

Annual report TU/e, 2019