Connect with my Culture 2023

Wednesday March 1, 2023 from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Auditorium DEF
TU/e Community


Connect with my Culture is looking for participants!

Connect with my Culture is back with another intercultural events with the added concept of a Community Day. In this event, organized by the TU/e community, we celebrate the rich variety of cultures, associations, and student teams on campus. Everyone’s participation is therefore essential to make this a successful event. There are multiple ways to participate. We’re looking for stand-hosts, performers, exhibitors, artists, athletes, dancers, musicians, cooks and students who just want to share their enthusiasm about the community. Join us and let’s celebrate together!

Market Stands

This attraction of Connect with my Culture has a market with multiple stands for all cultures, associations and student teams. In order to attract students to every stand we will hand out a passport to all visitors on which they can place a stamp for each umbrella and country they are visiting. Visitors that will visit all the stands can enter our competition to win great prizes!

Umbrella and Student Team market

Here umbrellas will be present to promote themselves as well as their associations and be ambassadors of the active student life. This can help in strengthening associations and student teams By talking to members, all students get a chance to meet the TU/e Community. If interested also upcoming events will be promoted to all visitors. Each Umbrella will have a challenge, activity or game through which a stamp on the passport can be earned.

Food Stands

We have a stand for every culture present on the TU/e. You'll have to decorate it and provide a cool activity with your friends, classmates and/or colleagues. We have the following guidelines:

- one market stand per culture/country, we will try to connect different ideas coming from the same


- provide (home-made) traditional-food-tasting and/or traditional (non-alcoholic) beverages

- clearly showing your culture with decorations

- providing a small game or activity connected to your culture, so that visitors can get a stamp on their passport

- we provide a market stand of 2 by 1 meters and power is included

- we can support stand-holders with a maximum of €250,- per stand (€150,- paid before the event,

€100,- after financial justification)

- the market stands are open for TU/e students and TU/e employers

Workshop squares and a Central Stage with programming for activities, demonstrations and performances

Would you like to show off the best of YOUR culture or association during the event in a demonstration, dance-routine, poetry-slam, in-depth lecture, crash course eccentric habits, music performance, painting class or mind-blowing karaoke? We love both traditional and contemporary performances or just showing what your association or student team is working on. This could be with just one person or with over forty people, we will make it work. There will be 3 workshop areas and a central stage, with multiple slots of max. 30 minutes. Of course, we're also open to any other suggestions which show your community in the best way!

Drinks bar

There will also be a bar, where you can get a refreshment through (non-alcoholic) beverages

Please feel free to forward this message to friends, classmates and colleagues.

Kind regards,

Daphne, Zaki, Tudor, Isidoros, Lara and Erik


The registration deadline is 13th of February.

Registrations are now opened via our online registration form for the Workshop Spaces and the Central Stage and for the Food Stands.

Questions can be addressed via


Registrations are now opened and can be done via e-mail. Please contact us via