Topic: Electrochemical membrane reactors for energy applications

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Friday December 2, 2022 from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM
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Friday 02 December 2022

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Electrochemical membrane reactors for energy applications

Michail (Mihalis) Tsampas | DIFFER - Dutch Institute For Fundamental Energy Research

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With increasing global interest in renewable energy technology in the backdrop of climate change, storage of electrical energy has become particularly relevant. Most sustainable renewable technologies (e.g. wind, solar) produce electricity intermittently. Thus, converting electrical energy and base molecules (i.e. H2O, CO2, N2) into energy-rich ones (e.g. H2, CO, CH4, NH3) or chemical feedstock (e.g. NO, syngas) is of paramount importance. Energy transition requires the coupling of electrical, chemical, and thermal energy needs of the various industrial sectors. Electrochemical membrane reactors (EMRs) have the potential to be a large part of the solution. EMRs are based on dense polymeric or ceramic electrolytes, which can be directly controlled by an external electric current and on current collecting electrodes, which catalytically support electrochemical and other coupled reactions. Depending on the actual process design, a tailored combination of consumption/ production of electrical, chemical, and thermal energy is possible with EMRs. In this contribution, specific showcases will be discussed along with the challenges and perspective of EMRs for converting renewable energy and base molecules into valuable products.

About the speaker
Dr. Michail Tsampas is group leader of “Catalytic and Electrochemical Processes for Energy Applications-CEPEA” at DIFFER (Dutch Institute For Fundamental Energy Research). His research is focused on the area of electrochemical membrane reactors for energy applications. His activities involve the development of novel renewable energy driven chemical pathways where plasma or light activation of base molecules (water, carbon dioxide and nitrogen) and material development are the main knobs for performance optimization. He holds a PhD (2010) from University of Patras (Greece), under the supervision of Prof. C.G. Vayenas, where he investigated the electrochemical promotion of catalysis in electrochemical membrane reactors. He is the co-author of 59 scientific articles (cited > 1500 times) and holds 5 patents. He is/was involved as principal investigator, coordinator or co-applicant in 25 research programs financially supported by Dutch and European funding entities as well as private partners.

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