Masterclass ChatGPT

Tuesday July 4, 2023 from 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM
Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
EAISI Professional Education
€200 VAT exempt (0%)

This masterclass unlocks the magic of ChatGPT and it's limitless possibilities

Exploring opportunities and challenges of ChatGPT (generative AI) in real-world applications.

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ChatGPT - or more generally, large generative AI models - are all the rage these days. Many organizations and industries, from healthcare to education, from programming to journalism, are faced with opportunities and challenges as to how generative AI can be put to use in real-world settings.

Are you eager to learn more about the 'magic' underlying generative AI technologies? And are you open to explore the relevance of these technologies for your field of work with other professionals? Then this special masterclass is just what you need.

In an informal setting and challenge-based learning approach, EAISI will host a session open to anyone. Dr. Daniel Kapitan, EAISI Fellow will kick-off the evening by explaining and demystifying generative AI. Participants are subsequently given the opportunity to explore and discuss the implications for their work. Examples of ongoing challenge-based learning projects at TU/e Innovation Space will be showcased by Dominique Fürst, Challenge Based Learning Officer AI, as food for thought and inspiration.

Lecture: English
Interactive session: English and Dutch

EAISI Professional education