TINT/WISE Event: International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Wednesday February 10, 2021 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

TINT and WISE (Women in Science - Eindhoven Network) are joining forces again by preparing an inspiring evening marking the 6th United Nations’ International Day of Women and Girls in Science.

Join us online on Wednesday, February 10th 2020, from 19:00-21:00, to celebrate girls and women in science in Eindhoven, listen to amazing speakers and meet inspiring people.

This year’s theme: “Growing towards a female role model”.

The event explores the journey from a high school student towards a full professor. We focus on three stages: choosing a STEM University track, becoming a PhD candidate and applying for a Tenure Track. Each stage is introduced by an interesting speaker followed by a sharing moment. 

The program will look as follows:

Elise Quant from the Eindhoven School of Education will introduce the question: How do we encourage girls to choose for a STEM track after secondary school? She will give an outlook on what is and can be done to attract more girls. Furthermore, she will talk about the role of secondary schools in supporting girls to choose a science track. After this there will be a discussion about what we can do to increase diversity at the TU/e and how we show that science is for everyone.

Next, we will look into the second essential stage: How do we attract women to apply for a Ph.D. position? In this stage many females drop out and inequality increases. Victoria Korshunova - Ph.D. candidate and actively working on wellbeing - will talk about her perspective on this topic. What are the challenges faced? And how do you choose between all the opportunities after graduating? Afterward, we will do an exercise about role models and their traits.  We will find out what is valuable for us and how that can help with making choices.

Lastly, we will look into the question How to attract more women in academic tenure tracks? Ruth Cardinaels – an associate professor in mechanical engineering and former WISE board member - will talk about her way towards and through the tenure track. What are the challenges here? How do we make research environments more female-friendly? And how did role models influence her choices? After this last talk, we will be doing a very TINT-like exercise called the tree of life. 

This event is an opportunity to honour the increasing contribution of female scientists in technical fields and, also, a place to share personal stories and sources of inspiration by role models in the study and career choices.

We welcome ALL colleagues and students of Eindhoven to join us in celebrating Women in Science in Eindhoven!

Get inspired by this lovely article about last year’s event.


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Women in Science - Eindhoven (WISE) Network

WISE network is a network for female scientific staff at TU/e. Supported by the University Board, the network was founded in March 2007.