Sustainable & Healthy Schools Conference

Wednesday November 10, 2021 from 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM
Auditorium, TU/e Campus

Building healthy, good and future-proof schools 

Doing nothing is not an option. With these words, Marco van Zandwijk of Kenniscentrum Ruimte-OK describes the current task for educational housing. The education sector faces an enormous challenge in the coming years. Thousands of school buildings must be made more sustainable because of the Climate Accord. In addition, the ventilation task because of Covid-19 was recently added. But how do municipalities and school boards concretize this task? What can be learned from experiences elsewhere? The Sustainable & Healthy Schools Congress on 10 November will focus on learning from practice.

Making a broader task concrete

In order to take the housing challenge for education seriously, it is necessary to gain a coherent insight into the broader social task. If the various preservation programs have shown anything, it is that an integrated approach and the smart bundling of several tasks can achieve more than if each task were tackled independently. No single party is capable of tackling or solving all the tasks on its own. It pays to work together and to join forces on the basis of a vision of the broader overall challenge.

Whereas the Schools Program in Groningen has shown that the school building can function as a component of neighborhood renewal, the Innovation Program for Green and Cool Schools has shown that, based on a lifecycle approach, it is really possible to create a balanced business case. Letting go of the strict division between investments in new buildings, renovation and maintenance takes the parties involved step by step on the road to a more joined-up way of thinking and acting. Because doing nothing is no longer an option.

Sustainable & Healthy Schools Conference

In search of answers to the issues involved in school building, Stedebouw & Architectuur, Platform31, Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), Kenniscentrum Ruimte-OK, Duurzaam Gebouwd and Platform BuitenSpelen, in collaboration with main sponsor Saint-Gobain, are organizing the Sustainable & Healthy Schools Congress on 10 November 2021. On this day you will hear about the latest state of the art when it comes to energy efficient, natural gas free, circular and healthy schools. What are the latest lessons in the process from the frontrunners? How do schools and municipalities finance the many facets of a sustainable and healthy school? What other forms of collaboration or contract are there to achieve today's ambitions? And above all: how do you fit all this in optimally within the framework of the primary process: the provision of high-quality education.

What to expect at the Sustainable & Healthy Schools Conference

Financing, commissioning, energy supplies, green schoolyards, ventilation solutions; everything that makes a school a more sustainable and healthy learning environment will be discussed. Moreover, you don't just come to the congress to listen. In a series of interactive sessions you can work with speakers and participants on concrete tasks to take steps forward in educational housing. You will also visit various stands of our partners to follow the latest developments.

You come to the congress for:

  • Inspiring keynotes by top speakers from the sector
  • Interactive workshops to get to work with the assignment
  • Guided tours in the highly sustainable Atlas building of TU/e
  • Networking with new and existing relations
  • The latest developments and innovations in educational housing
  • A chance to work together on healthier schools