Extra curricular experience

Meet the student teams

Tuesday June 13, 2023 from 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM
hall of Atlas
Innovation Space

All motivated students from all study programs are welcome!

Are you interested in putting theory into practice, develop your (soft) skills, meet new people, learn more about technology, innovation, acquisition, communication or design?
Want to be part of a team that tackles the challenges that society faces today? Want to make a difference and work on a better future? Then you should join a student team!

TU/e has various student teams in the field of Automotive, Health, Artificial Intelligence, Space, Gaming, Sustainability and many more! Come to the Meet the students teams event on Tuesday June 13, and check out what our teams are all about, talk to them and see what they are working on and what vacancies they have. You don't need to be a high performing student to be valuable to a student team. Check out the various teams below to see what teams there are and what they are working on.

This event is part of the TU/e innovation Space CBL demo weeks, take a look at the the full program.


  • Aero Team Eindhoven prototype
    smart mobility, artificial intelligence

    Aero Team Eindhoven

    Developing an autonomous drone network for sustainable transport by zero-emission in air delivery

  • Space and Aviation


    Developing TU/e's first cube satellite to accelerate new space technologies

  • team core
    Energy transition, Recycling, Artificial Intelligence


    focuses on researching and enabling the recycling of hard-to-process waste streams like e-waste and contaminated soil

  • falcon plane
    energy transition, aviation

    Falcon Electric Aviation

    Team Falcon is developing an electric airplane in order to make aviation sustainable

  • fruitpunch 2022
    artificial intelligence, health

    FruitPunch AI for Health

    the international community of AI engineers, with a mission to apply AI for Good!

  • team HART prototype
    artificial intelligence, data


    Human Augmentation Research & Technology

  • team igem 2022
    Health, smart processes


    The iGEM Eindhoven student team participates in the International Genetic Engineered Machine (iGEM) competition

  • energy transition, sustainability


    Inspire students, organizations, and society with our unique race cars. Accelerate the energy transition in the automotive industry

  • team 22
    Energy, Sustainability

    Nurdle Soup

    Detect, trace and stop the leakage of plastic granulate from the industry

  • team sensus 2022


    SensUs is the annual international student competition on sensors for health

  • serpentine in neuron 2023
    artificial intelligence, data

    Serpentine AI

    Serpentine AI discovers, develops, competes and contributes to a future with Artificial Intelligence

  • Stella Vita
    Energy transition, Sustainability, Mobility

    Solar Team Eindhoven

    Solar Team Eindhoven is a multidisciplinary student team working on the sustainable mobility of the future

  • solid wide hydrogen storage
    energy, sustainability


    develops a sustainable energy storage system using iron powder as a circular energy carrier

  • CASA 1.0
    Energy, Sustainability

    team CASA

    comfortable, affordable and sustainable alternative solution within the built environment

  • Space & Aviation, Artificial Intelligence

    Team Daedalus

    Developing a solar-powered autonomous drone capable of prolonged aerial surveillance

  • team energy
    energy transition

    Team Energy

    Team Energy realizes events to accelerate the transition towards sustainable energy. We aim to inform, inspire and connect students

  • team ignite
    Art & Tech, Interactive lighting

    Team IGNITE

    A team of creative engineers showing the world the potential of light, and what influence it has on human behavior

  • team polar ice cube
    Mobility, artificial intelligence, Sustainability

    Team POLAR

    Developing a sustainable and autonomous rover to facilitate research in Antarctica

  • construction of the house
    smart cities, energy transition

    Team VIRTUe

    is participating in the Solar Decathlon Europe with a sustainable house and design of an urban concept

  • tech united game
    robotics, health, artificial intelligence

    Tech United

    Tech United is a team of students, PhDs and employees involved in the development of robotics

  • Art & Technology

    Totem Game Dev

    TU/e Game Dev is a community based student team for video game development

  • team test 2023

    TU Eindhoven Sensing Team (T.E.S.T.)

    T.E.S.T. competes in the annual SensUs competition, striving to transform healthcare by developing innovative new biosensors

  • ZEM in California
    energy transition, automotive technology


    shaping the future of sustainable mobility together

  • URE Assen 2022
    Automotive technology, Artificial Intelligence

    University Racing Eindhoven

    builds an electric Formula-style race car to compete in both the electric and autonomous racing class of the Formula Student competition