WISE - Workshop: 3D Rendering of Images (15-11-2019)

Friday November 15, 2019 from 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM

During my PhD, I specialized in image rendering as a hobby – simulating what a structure would look like when you would make a picture under certain circumstances. I have found it a great way to make very clean and clear images of my research, which is a good first step when making a poster or a presentation about my work. There are options like see-trough materials, exploded view or making cutouts of your project that are not simple to achieve with classic photography. Over time, I started making renders for other PhD’s in my research group as well. I then realized how useful this skill is, and therefore I would like to share my knowledge.

I think this course is most fun if you have a goal – an image of a project related to your work that you could render. That way, we can work towards renders you can use for posters during the workshop.
If you have a project or simulation you work on at the moment,  you can often export it from your design software to the software used in this workshop : 3DS Max. Still, it is not required to have material available, as you can always build a render from scratch.

If you attend the course, I would like you to install the 3DS Max 2019 software as described in the following section. The software 3DS Max 2019 is a part of the Autodesk software package supported by the TU/e and can be found at https://intranet.tue.nl/en/university/services/information-management-services/ict-services/help-and-support/software-tue-device/autodesk-programs/, but you can choose to install 3DS Max only during the installation. The further installation instructions and download link can be found at that website. Unfortunately, Autodesk requires you create an account with you tue-mail during the installation process. This is a recent development, and I was until now unaware of this requirement. I apologize for the inconvenience, as you will have to unsubscribe from their newsletter.
Furthermore, the link can only be accessed when you are either present at the university or when connected to TU/e VPN. The download link is at times inaccessible trough Firefox and Chrome, so you might only be able to start the installation trough Internet Explorer (this is a known Autodesk installer issue). Lastly, the package size is large, so it takes a while before the installation has progressed. When you have installed 3DS Max, please make sure the program starts correctly and without errors to avoid creating a delay at the start of the course.

Lastly, do not forget to bring your laptop, the laptop charger and a mouse (with scrolling wheel) to the workshop.

The picture is just an example of the possibilities.
Required: Laptop on which software is installed before the start of the workshop.
Maximum: 10 persons

Please register via this link


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