Inaugural lecture prof.dr. R. Arthur Bouwman

Friday September 22, 2023 from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Blauwe Zaal
De Zaale, 5612 AJ Eindhoven
Office of Doctoral Presentations and Academic Ceremonies

Meten, weten en de werkelijkheid!

Prof.dr. R. Arthur Bouwman was appointed part-time professor of Perioperative monitoring and clinical decision support at the Department of Electrical Engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) on August 1, 2022. He will deliver his inaugural lecture on September 22, 2023.

The lecture will be delivered in Dutch.

About the lecture
Healthcare faces major challenges as demand and costs continue to rise in parallel with increasing life expectancy and increased shortage of staff and resources. This also translates to perioperative care, which concerns the healthcare of a patient before, during and after an in-hospital surgical procedure. Challenges in perioperative care include patient monitoring, support and optimization both within the hospital and at home, and with a seamless transition in between. This care needs to be tailored towards the individual patient’s clinical condition. Care delivery is shifting towards extramural settings, while intramural care is becoming more technical and complex within a shorter time-period. Novel sensor and measurement technology as well as integration of large-scale data-acquisitions across the care path offer the prospect of high-quality dynamic and patient-specific clinical decision support and care. In this lecture Arthur Bouwman will share the findings of his research and discuss his perspective on the future of perioperative patient monitoring, clinical decision support and their integration in clinical care paths.

TU/e MedTech Day - An integrated approach for future-proof healthcare
From 9.00 AM, preceding the inaugural lecture, you are cordially invited to attend the TU/e MedTech Day 2023. 

Attendance is free of charge, but registration is required. You may register here.
Registration closes on September 7, 2023.

After September 22, 2023, the text of the lecture will be available online, in addition to previously delivered inaugural and valedictory lectures.