Smart Mobility Cafe


Event Details

Friday October 5, 2018 from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Corona, Luna
Strategic Area Smart Mobility


Organized by the Strategic Research area Smart Mobility.
An event where mobility research is presented by members of the TU/e mobility research community. Students and researchers pitch their current research and findings: pitches 5mins & Questions 5mins.
All subjects are Automotive related.

Location: Building Luna, Room Corona (former Potentiaal)

Keynote speaker: Vincent Everts!

He will talk about Mobility Revolution 2019-2030

Vincent Everts is a passionate trendwatcher, public speaker and CEO of Innovader  @Vincente


  • Designing C-ITS Architecture and Services for North Brabant by  Saurab Rajkarnikar
  • CycleFLow by Yoram Meijaard
  • Mass transport the next step by Bas Verkaik
  • Spike start up by Jeroen Bleker

And more..

The next edition of the Smart Mobility Cafe will take place on December 14, 2018.


Smart Mobility

Driven by technology

The Strategic Area Smart Mobility recognizes that being mobile is a biological urge of humans and is prerequisite for a sound economy and society. However, our mobility is currently enabled by a system that is not sustainable due to accidents, pollution, congestion and the inefficient use of public space. The digitalization of vehicles and mobility and transport services leads  to an increased need for research in a traditional strong competence area of Eindhoven University of Technology. We believe that TU/e can significantly contribute to speed up the transition towards a sustainable mobility system.