eso-x: innovating the interaction between consumers, businesses, and governments

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Friday January 28, 2022 from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM
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Friday 28 January 2022

12h00-13h00 CET

eso-x: innovating the interaction between consumers, businesses, and governments

Peter Rindt | eso-x (co-director and co-founder)

In this talk we will introduce eso-x, the new partner company of EIRES. Eso-x is s a startup company with the ultimate goal of accelerating the sustainability transition as a whole. To achieve this goal, eso-x intends to radically innovate the interaction between consumers, big corporations and governments, and to improve the adoption and usage of scientific insights. In practice eso-x is best described as a: science-based sustainable consumer collective. As such, it will make scientific insights regarding sustainability directly understandable and usable for consumers, thus allowing them to knowledgeably question businesses and governments. From an ideological viewpoint, however, eso-x can be better described as a: United People. In this talk eso-x will be introduced in more detail. We will explain possibilities for professional collaboration with EIRES, and additionally explain how you personally can interact with eso-x.

About the speaker
Dr. Peter Rindt obtained his PhD. In Nuclear Fusion at Eindhoven University of Technology in 2019. Here he researched and developed liquid metal heat shields (LMDs) for fusion reactors, following up on his master thesis project designing an LMD for the NSTX-U reactor at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory. He research included both design studies, as well as experimental studies, carried out in close collaboration with the Dutch Institute For Fundamental Energy Research (DIFFER). He was awarded a EUROfusion Engineering Grant, which allowed him to continue his work at TU/e as a postdoc until August 2021. Specifically he designed and prototyped a conceptual liquid metal heat shield for the European DEMO fusion power plant. In addition he successfully initiated the realization of the so-called Liquid Metal Shield lab (LiMeS), aimed at LMD prototype testing, together with supervisor and colleague Dr. Thomas Morgan.
Driven by a more general interest in contributing to society, during his PhD Peter entered a top ranking essay to the competition of the renowned St. Gallen symposium in Switzerland. The essay, proposing a novel global governance structure. Together with PhD colleagues Ivana Abramovic, and Maximilian Messmer he transformed the original idea for the essay into a business model for a start-up company called eso-x (Earth System Optimizer, The company was officially founded in February of 2021, and since September 2021 Peter is working full time for eso-x.

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