Official Opening Neuron building

Tuesday March 28, 2023 from 3:00 PM to 5:30 PM
Neuron (1st floor)
De Zaale 32, Eindhoven
Executive Board
Constantijn van Oranje

Opening of Neuron 

We would like to welcome you as of 14.45 at the Atrium on the first floor of Neuron where the opening will start at 15.00h.

The official opening is preceded by an EAISI AI Symposium from 12.30 - 14.30h.



12.30 - 14.30 EAISI symposium: Synapses and Silicon: exploring the intersection of AI and neuroscience

Program official opening:

15.00 Welcome by Robert-Jan Smits, president of the TU/e Executive Board

15.05  Introducing Neuron by Do Janne Vermeulen, architect Team V

15.10 Video artwork Neuron by Hella Jongerius

15.15 AI keynote by Lieven Scheire, comedian, physicist and science communicator

15.40 Opening talk by Constantijn van Oranje, Ines Lopez Arteaga, Carlo van de Weijer and Nicole Ummelen

15.55 Opening ceremony with Constantijn van Oranje and student Juliette Passariello

16.00 - 23.00 Start of party program for students and staff with:

  • Guided tours through Neuron,  
  • Einstein escape rooms; Can you escape in 15mins?  
  • Games by the Knights of the Kitchen table,  
  • A performance by student dance association Footloose, 
  • Performance by the Tunas and La Tuniña, 
  • DJ Robabilly playing classics and hits on vinyl, 
  • Karaoke,
  • Photobooth,
  • Jazzmine band,
  • Hootie Tootie band,
  • TU/e student teams with challenges,
  • special food offers, 
  • Music, dance, food and much more!  

See you in Neuron on Tuesday March 28th!

Constantijn van Oranje | Special Envoy

Constantijn van Oranje leads, the accelerator for the tech ecosystem in The Netherlands.
As Special Envoy, he is on a mission to turn The Netherlands into a unicorn nation. He and his team connect the Dutch tech ecosystem to help ambitious and promising Dutch tech companies grow fast internationally by improving their access to capital, market, talent and technologies.

Constantijn co-founded StartupFest Europe, which is still the biggest start-up event ever organized in The Netherlands. 
He is also currently the Director Digital Technology & Macro Strategy at Macro Advisory Partners in London and New York, and Edge Fellow at Deloitte Centre for the Edge. Additionally, Constantijn is ambassador of the European Innovation Council.

Aside from innovation and technology, Constantijn van Oranje is passionate about art, music, photography and nature.

Lieven Scheire

Lieven Scheire is a comedian, physicist and science communicator on TV and currently tours on stage with a scientific comedy set and hosts events for universities and scientific or technological companies.

Will you ever ask your home computer what to wear to a certain occasion? Chances are. Will judges ever take advice from Artificial Intelligence to determine a sentencing decision? Yes, and soon. Will you personally ever be willing to obey an A.I. system? You already do, if you listen to Spotify, follow a Waze route or have the spam filtered out of your e-mails.

So what is this Artificial Intelligence that is so much talked about? But more importantly, what isn't it? During the AI show of Lieven, you will be entertainingly introduced to this new superhero of technology. You get a glimpse of how it all works, what it can already do now and what it will be able to do in the future. A first encounter with something that may soon become your new friend, butler, counselor, psychologist, personal trainer or guardian angel: Artificial Intelligence.

Einstein escape room

EINSTEIN 15 mins Escape room

The team enters the room, the door locks behind them... Once the team starts looking for the first task, time starts running.

The participants deliberately receive very little information beforehand: they must determine the strategy themselves and figure out what the goal is!

The team members desperately need each other to solve the game: Only with sharply coordinated teamwork is it possible to win.
Who is the winner of the Einstein Box?  Which team manages to solve all the tasks and escapes the fastest? You have 15mins to prove yourselves.

Participation is free of charge, group size 4-5 people.
The free escape room challenge is open from 16.00 - 23.00h


DJ Robabilly

Music enthusiast, heavyweight party mix DJ, eclectic record turner and full-time Morality Officer. My musical roots may be in Rock&Roll, rockabilly and alternative 80's, but over the years the ear flaps have come off and my musical spectrum has become many times wider. 

As a result I have become a genre-crossing eclectic dj, suitable for all your parties. A cheerful all-rounder with an eye for every dance floor, the ROCK'N'ROLLERCOASTER incarnate.

We could have already met at the Effenaar, Dr.Ink, Verkadefabriek, PopEi, Kitchen Confessions, Brooklyn Square Lounge, Blue Collar Hotel or Altstadt. Or else at Brandend Zand, Ameezing Eindhoven, Paaspop, (Thunderbolt), Speedfest, 80'S ANDERS, WHTOH, Afterdauwpop, Forever Young Festival, and so on.

DJ Robabilly will be playing from 19.00 - 22.30h at the back of the Lounge to allow for a big dance floor!


The TU/e student teams will present some nice challenges during the opening of Neuron between 16.00 - 19.00h in the hallway next to Neuron 0.114.


For example TU/e GameDev will bring some of the games they created and Team HART will let you try out their sleeve and attempt to recognize the shape of the pattern that is sent.

Aero Team Eindhoven will virtually let your fly their drone and InMotion will bring their race sim, so come and meet our student teams and have some fun!