APSE Colloquium by Margriet van der Heijden

Tuesday May 30, 2023 from 12:40 PM to 1:20 PM
Flux 1.02

Science communication in physics: what is it and what can it bring us?

After one and a half year as professor of science communication in physics at the TU/e one thing seems clear: nobody agrees on what science communication entails. Is it outreach? Recruiting students? Branding? Discussing with stakeholders? Reaching out to the press? And is presenting your work or a poster for peers also form of science communication?
During this lunch talk I will discuss science communication as a dialogue between science and society, share some insights from the academic field of science communication that help improve this dialogue and present my own projects at the TU/e in this field.


The department

Research on and Education in the Design of Systems with Emerging Technologies in a Societal Contex