Inaugural speeches and valedictory lectures

Inaugural speeches and valedictory lectures

At Eindhoven University of Technology it is a good custom for new professors to inform the academic community about the nature of the field of their intended activities. Professors who retire will have the opportunity to give a farewell lecture. The inaugural speeches and farewell lectures are published as a booklet.

Friday afternoon in the Blauwe Zaal

The inaugural as well as the valedictory lectures always take place on a Friday afternoon at 16.00 hours in the Blauwe Zaal of the Auditorium. It is recommended to reserve a date at the Office of Doctoral Presentations and Academic Ceremonies at an early stage.

Inaugural speech

This inaugural speech is attuned to fellow professors from their own as well as other Departments. The introduction to the subject of the lecture itself is aimed at the general public. The inaugural lecture is also published as a booklet, whose text, which may be in English, can be more extensive and of a scientific nature. This procedure gives fellow professors an insight into possibilities for cooperation in the areas of education and research. In some cases a symposium takes place prior to an inaugural lecture. Some guest speakers will be invited for the symposium.

Valedictory lecture

Professors who are accorded emeritus status (retirement) are given the opportunity to present a valedictory lecture. The same guidelines apply to these as to the inaugural lectures.

Digital booklets

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