TU/e PhD Thesis Award 2018

Nominees for the best dissertation or technological design at TU/e in 2017

Dr.Ir. Erik Bekkers

Thesis: Retinal Image Analysis using Sub-Riemannian Geometry in SE(2)
Department: Biomedical Engineering

Thesis summary
Brain-inspired mathematical techniques for the automatic analysis of retinal images, applied in large scale clinical studies for discovering new biomarkers and monitoring disease progression. A central theme in the thesis is the use of a coherent Lie group theoretical approach to address fundamental problems in medical image analysis.

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Dr.Ir. Victor Dolk

ThesisResource-aware and Resilient Control with Applications to Cooperative Driving
Department: Mechanical Engineering

Thesis summaray
Wireless communication networks have enabled many novel applications including intelligent transport systems, building automation, remote surgery and smart farming systems with great potential for the future. In this thesis, a novel design framework is developed to guarantee safe, secure and high-performance operation of wireless networked control systems.

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Dr.Ir. Rick Kramer

Thesis: Clever Climate Control for Culture: Energy efficient indoor climate control strategies for museums respecting collection preservation and thermal comfort of visitors
Department: Built Environment

Thesis summary
The museum environment has been controlled ever more strictly in the 20th century resulting in excessive energy consumption, thermal discomfort, and often moisture damage to buildings. This research studied how a more dynamic indoor climate based on controlled fluctuations increases energy efficiency and thermal comfort, without sacrificing collection conservation.

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Dr. José Medrano Jiménez MSc

Thesis: Membrane-Assisted Chemical Looping Reforming: From fundamentals to experimental demonstration  
Department: Chemical Engineering and Chemistry

Thesis summary
A novel technology that produces H2 with efficiencies as high as the conventional systems and captures 90% of the total carbon emissions has been proposed and demonstrated in this work. This is only possible by the combination of to emerging technologies: membrane reactors and chemical looping.

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Dr.Ir. Freek Meulman

Thesis: Challenges for innovation intermediaries in technology transfer: Forming controls and alliances
Department: Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences

Thesis summary
Innovation Intermediaries connect researchers with industry through multilateral alliances to commercialize (i.e. exploit) the knowledge generated in basic and applied research. The research question of this dissertation is how intermediaries can cope with organizational design issues and alliance formation processes to improve the success in commercializing outputs from university research.

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Dr. Maurangelo Petruzzella MSc

Thesis: Tunable single-photon sources for integrated quantum photonics
Department: Applied Physics

Thesis summary
Single quanta of light will be employed in future quantum simulations and communication channels to encode information.  We have developed an electrically-controlled source of single photons which is integrated in a semiconductor chip. These circuits will provide a way to achieve a computational advantage compared to classical systems.

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Dr.Ir. Fons van der Sommen

Thesis: Computer-aided detection of early Barrett’s cancer
DepartmentElectrical Engineering

Thesis summary
If Barrett’s cancer is detected at an early stage, it can be treated endoscopically and the prognosis is very good. However, it is very hard to recognize the subtle patterns that indicate the early stages of the disease. Therefore, this thesis investigates automated image analysis algorithms to help the endoscopist with the detection of early Barrett’s cancer.

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