Dementia Lab 2019

Event Details

Monday October 21, 2019 to Tuesday October 22, 2019
Luna Building, TU/e campus Price
TU/e Center for Humans and Technology

The theme for the Dementia Lab 2019 is “Making design work: Engaging with dementia in context”. This theme focuses on research and design happening in direct engagement with people living with dementia, and their wider social and care networks. This call for participation welcomes especially contributions that reflects on how design and research efforts unfold in the context of living, working and caring for/with people with dementia.

‘Making design work’ zooms in on what ‘works’ or ‘does not work’ in terms of design, technologies, services, environments or design methods in these contexts of living, caring and working. Questions that can be tackled by a contribution that focuses amongst others on the relational character (of, for example, the designer or researcher with the contexts, carers, family and/or persons with dementia), challenges of materiality (what visual, tactile, olfactory, or other materials ‘work’ for and with people with dementia in context) or temporality (what engagement in time is needed to let design or research work and have a sustainable impact on people with dementia). In Dementia Lab we avoid to see people with dementia as the physical or cognitive characteristics of the syndrome, or as a collective, but rather focus on their personal and lived experiences. In doing so, we are considerate to the identity of and role people with dementia themselves can play. 

Dementia Lab 2019 is organized by the TU/e Center for Humans and Technology, Alzheimer Nederland, Vilans, Fontys and Luca

Rens Brankaert ( TU/e and Fontys University of Applied Sciences
Wijnand IJsselsteijn & Ans Tummers, TU/e
Henk Herman Nap & Sandra Suijkerbuijk, Vilans
Dinant Bekkenkamp, Alzheimer Nederland
Niels Hendriks & Andrea Wilkinson, Dementia Lab Belgium and LUCA School of Arts


Program & schedule
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