Remco Schoenmakers

Short Bio 
Dr. Remco Schoenmakers is Director Data and Artificial Intelligence in the R&D department of the electron microscopy division of Thermo Fisher Scientific. He holds a PhD in Astrophysics (1999) from the University of Groningen. He has worked at Philips Medical Systems on 3D CT and MRI visualization software before joining FEI in 2001 to work on image processing for 3D electron tomography software. He has developed the widely used Inspect3D electron tomography reconstruction package, and pioneered the EPU software package for Single Particle Acquisition, a technique that earned its academic developers the Nobel prize in Chemistry in 2017. He has fulfilled the roles of both group leader Application Software in Development and Digital Science in Research. He now is leading the strategy and development activities for Data Management and Artificial Intelligence infrastructure and applications in the development organization. 

"Learning the language of nature: Generative AI for electron microscopy applications" 

In this presentation, we will introduce Thermo Fisher Scientific and its electron microscopes that are being used in life science, material science and semiconductor applications. We will take a look at the various ways that Generative AI, beyond large language models, is being used to learn and understand ‘’the language of nature’’ in the context of for instance DeepMind’s AlphaFold/RosseTTaFold or Meta’s Segment-Anything.  

We'll delve into specific case studies using these technologies, showcasing how Thermo Fisher Scientific leverages AI in general and Generative AI in particular to bring a new perspective to applications and operation of electron microscopes.