Official Opening Atlas building


Event Details

Thursday March 21, 2019 from 1:30 PM to 7:00 PM
Lecturerooms and Hall
Executive Board

The official reopening of the Atlas building and festive farewell of Jo van Ham, vice president TU/e


Opening of Atlas program

We would like to welcome you at 13.30 with coffee and tea, and from 14.00 you can attend various presentations about the building and the TU/e campus. There are also guided tours of the building for those interested.

Presentations at 14.00:
1. Development from university to TU/e campus - Veronique Marks and Jan Willem Schellekens (TU/e) locationAtlas -1.310
2. Duurzaam gebouw//Sustainable building Atlas (in Dutch) - Thijs Meulen (TU/e) and Peter van Mierlo (Valstar) location Atlas -1.715
3. Guided tours in groups of 15 people

Presentations at 15.00:
1. History of the main building and architecture of Atlas in the campus landscape - Do Janne Vermeulen (architect of Atlas) and Christian Rapp (TU/e) location Atlas -1.715
2. Research in Atlas: Largest Indoor Living Lab in Europe - Intelligent Lighting Institute, Department of Industrial Design, Department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences location Atlas -1.310

Joint program


Official farewell to Jo van Ham and official opening of Atlas in the hall of the building.

17.00: reception and guided tours

See you in Atlas on Thursday 21 March!