Connect with my Culture

Event Details

Wednesday March 27, 2019 from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Ground Floor
TU/e Community

At Connect with my Culture we celebrate the variety of cultures and backgrounds at TU/e with a cultural market, food and great activities!

Connect with my Culture is a bottom up organized, top down supported event where all students and staffs are invited to share their own culture. Aim is to connect people by sharing differences and by sharing your culture. At Connect with my Culture we celebrate the variety of cultures and backgrounds at TU/e with a cultural market, food, great activities, and live music!

So, on Wednesday 27 March between 4 PM – 8 PM, grab your colleagues and classmates after work or class, and come to the Atlas building. Fill your "passports" by visiting our country market stands, join cool activities, compete in our cultural arena, watch inspiring performances, get international food and drinks, and win some awesome prizes!

What better way to discover so much about all of us at the TU/e?

Connect with my Culture is looking for participants!

Connect with my culture is an annual intercultural event organized by the TU/e community to celebrate the rich variety of cultures on campus. Everyone’s participation is therefore essential to make this a successful event. There are multiple ways to participate. We're looking for stand hosts, performers, exhibitors, artists , athletes, dancers, musicians, etc.. Join us and let’s celebrate together!

Market Stands

Main attraction of Connect with my Culture is our cultural market. We have a stand for every culture present on the TU/e. You'll have to decorate it and provide a cool activity with your friends, classmates and/or colleagues. We have the following guidelines:

  • one market stand per culture/country, we will try to connect different ideas coming from the same culture
  • clearly showing your culture with decorations
  • providing an activity connected to your culture, like home-made-traditional-food-tasting, a small give-away, providing traditional beverages (non-alcoholic only) or a workshop on how to make an impression in <your culture> within 3 minutes
  • we provide a market stand of 2 by 1 and power is included
  • we can support stand-holders with a maximum of €250,- per stand (€150,- paid before the event, €100,- after financial justification)
  • the market stands are open for TU/e students ánd TU/e employers

Think about cool activities people can taste or do. Visitors that will visit all stands can enter our competition to win great prizes!


Would you like to show off the best of YOUR culture during the event in a demonstration, dance-routine, poetry-slam, in depth 15 minute lecture, crash course eccentric habits, music performance or mind-blowing karaoke? We love both traditional and contemporary performances and we like them with just one person or with over forty people. We have a stage and we'll make it fit. There are speaking microphones and there is the possibility to play music. Of course we're also open for any other suggestions which are showing your culture.



Registrations are now opened via our online registration form.

Questions can be addressed via the form, or via our e-mail.

The registration deadline is Wednesday 20 February.

We will make the preliminary program known to participants and the TU/e Community the following week.