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A student team dedicated to bring TU/e's first satellite into Earth's orbit

Our vision

Student team Aster's vision is to raise the accessibility of space to Eindhoven. We strive to make it easier and more interesting for students in the region of Eindhoven to interact with space in a qualitative way.

Our mission

There are enough space enthusiast close to Eindhoven, yet there is little space activity among the students. This is where Aster comes into play. We do this by connecting three critical topics: Eindhoven, Photonics and Space. Where Photonics in Eindhoven is a major player in the world and is upcoming in space research, it is not active together. We are building a tiny satellite (CubeSat) that will be equipped with photonic-based sensors, like optic fibers, to measure the strain of CubeSats in orbit, launch and at the end of its lifetime.

Our first step is to start a communication link with existing satellites using a ground station. We are also joining a sub-orbital launch where we measure radiation effects on electrical components in space to measure strain during launch. With these projects, we show what it is for students to actively join in on space research.

ESA and other space researchers collect bulk of data, we intend to collect specific data depending on clients' demands.

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